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Wings Essential Oil Bracelet

This brand new arrival is such a cute piece.  This bracelet you can put essential oil directly on and take it with you all day.  The bracelet can be made larger or smaller by moving the clasp up and down on the bracelet.  

Wings Essential Oil Bracelet

Lava Stone Essential Oil Bracelets

These bracelets are made using black lava stones.  The lava stones absorb the Essential Oil. Any brand of Essential Oil can be used on the stones.  The Essential Oil is put directly onto the bracelet and will last on the beads for a few days.  Then choose to put a new oil on the bracelet or use the same oil again, take Essential Oil with you all day!  Good to help reduce anxiety/stress, headaches, promote sleep and so much more.  These bracelets are available in adult and kid sizes.  SIZING: Bracelets start at 7.25 inches for adults. They can be made bigger or smaller, just send a message and let me know and we can talk about sizing. Kids sizes start at 6 inches, they can be made smaller if needed too. 

Owl Lava Stone Bracelet

These lava stone bracelets look so cute on.  With essential oil going directly on the bracelet and lasting on for days.  Any brand essential oil can be used.  Available in adult or kid

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