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Cocao Butter Soaps Infused with Essential Oils

 Each soap is made with a Cocao Butter and Shea Butter soap base.  These bars are great for moisturizing after use.  All bars have essential oils in them and come custom wrapped in designer paper and labelled with all ingredients.   Don't see the scent you want? Custom scents are available, send me a message for details.  

INGREDIENTS:  Each bar of soap is made with a cocao and shea butter soap base, distilled water, olive oil or coconut oil, soap dye/mica powder and essential oils.   All bars of soap are approx 3.7-4 oz each.  All soaps come with an ingredients label on the back and packaged in designer paper.   

Bamboo Soap Dish

Exfoliating Soap Bag 

Below are examples showing the soap bags filled with soap bits and a full bar of soap.  Pull the string tight and take it right in the shower or bath to use a face cloth too! 

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